Stealing Altitude, a film by John Starr & Roger Teich


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About This Photograph
Marianne Dissard took this 35mm photograph as she was Ccbase.jpg (21241 bytes)standing next to ground crew cameraman Clay Walker. 

The photo so perfectly matched Clay's corresponding 16mm shot that it immediately became the film's trademark "action still".   It subsequently appeared in many film festival catalogs & brochures, and was also used as the cover art for the film's VHS video sleeve.

During production, Marianne & Clay both provided invaluable assistance as ground crew 16mm camera operators.  It's not everyday you can talk somebody into standing in traffic to film outlaw BASE jumpers landing in the streets.

Today, Clay Walker and Marianne Dissard are working independent filmmakers.  Clay and Marianne's short film "PostPNB.jpg (12273 bytes) No Bills" is a clever, celebrated and widely screened profile of guerrilla poster artist/Political satirist Robbie Conal.  Clay later produced & directed a feature version of Post No Bills for PBS.

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